Machine Vision Imagining with Infrared Cameras

Infrared Camera System

Infrared camera systems are rapidly gaining popularity as a tool for business, security, and law enforcement. These systems are often used for surveillance and detection of potential problems before they become serious concerns, and they can be used in many different applications such as functioning as a machine vision imaging camera. In fact, when infrared cameras first became popular, they were often used for thermal imaging to detect pipe problems. Infrared is heat radiation, and when objects are heated up, they release this heat energy into the surrounding area.

Thermal Imaging

Pipe inspectors often use infrared cameras in conjunction with thermal imaging to detect problems before the pipes actually break down. Thermal imaging uses the difference between the heated surface and the surrounding ambient temperature to detect hot spots where water is leaking or in need of repair. The infrared cameras that can detect the presence of leaks often work much better than the traditional visual inspection methods, because they are able to detect the leak at a very early stage in the process. The inspectors can then decide if the problem is worth fixing and should be left alone, or if they need to shut the pipes until they can be repaired. Many pipes will be fixed immediately by employing infrared technology, however in some instances it is better to let the water flow and deal with the situation while it is still fixable.

Types of Infrared Cameras

There are several different types of infrared cameras, and one of the most popular types of infrared security camera is the one pro-infrared illuminator. One of the benefits of using this type of infrared security camera is that it can be used for a variety of applications in a variety of settings. It is able to provide high-resolution imaging, so it can detect even the smallest signs of leakage. This is made possible by the fact that the lens captures the light coming into the camera’s eye, and the sensor is capable of detecting even the lowest levels of light.