Good websites get admiration. Great websites get business and conversion.

A good website is one of the greatest assets that any business can have. A strong and visually pleasing online presence converts potential customers into contacts. If a potential customer goes to your website and is completely unimpressed, they're likely to go back to Google and pick the next result. If they have a more professional site, boom that's a sale lost. Now having a good website isn't exclusively about looking amazing and having all of these cool graphics going over all over the place, it's about having a website that tells people what they need to know and drives them to your contact pages. Some websites that look great don't at all funnel to contact pages and thus, conversion rates are far below average. Often times a not pretty website with a great design and drive towards getting contacts is going to have a better conversion rate than the prettiest website that not optimized towards driving contacts.

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Web Spinners is one of the most reliable names when it comes to web development. We have developed websites for clients both massive and small alike. Our experience and our expertise in the field is evident in all of the work that we do. When you have a website developed by us you can count on nothing less than quality, your website will be checked and run through the ringer to ensure that it functions as it should. Some web companies may truly just upload a pre-made theme and fill it with filler content and tell you they’re all done, that may be okay for them but not for us. 



Web development deals more with the back-end hardcore stuff that keeps your website running smoothly, if anything this is what you're going to pay a professional to do. Just navigating the back-end in itself can be confusing for most people. Good web development means your site will run smoothly and never bomb out on customers, which looks terrible for everyone.


The world of E-Commerce is truly growing at an exponential rate, every day more and more companies are selling more and more things online. A lot of websites claim to come with "built in e-commerce integration" but it's usually going to be more complex than that. You need a backend developer who truly knows what they're doing to succeed with e-commerce.


Web design, this is a good mixture of both back-end and front-end development. The main focus here is taking what would just be content on a page and turn it into something more engaging, make the website funnel visitors to the contact page. You can have the most amazing original content ever, but it means nothing if people aren't clicking.


Web Development Trends in 2019


Do you know? In 2005. A website was made by a 21-year-old student, who sold one million pixels of the internet ad space for 1 dollar each to pay for his college fees? He named it “The Million Dollar Homepage”. The simplest example of a great web development idea. Today with the advancement in languages and artificial intelligence, we can create wonders in web development. Digital revolution is setting a new trend every day, and the competition is stiffer than ever in providing a website that stands out among its competition. People are too busy to travel for information, and a major part of the sales happen because of traffic on the website.

Certain trends are set among web developers, which provide them with new languages and frameworks to advance their skills. Here are a few of the new technologies that are being adopted by the developers.

1.     AI or Bots

Artificial Intelligence is the language run by the programs and machines to learn human intelligence.  The functions involve learning, collecting, analyzing, understanding, and solving any piece of data provided to the machine. AI is generally used by the websites to interact with the users and collect their response. Amazon’s Alexa, Siri by Apple and Google assistant, are a few examples of AI.

2.     JavaScript


Even today, the developers’ favorite language is JavaScript. It has evolved with a significantly noticeable improvement in its framework, libraries and designs. Netbeans and Eclipse have always been the most preferred engines for learning Java. There are many libraries in JavaScript such as Angular by Google, React by Facebook, and open sources like Vue.js which are available for the developers to put in their craze of development.


3.     Single Page Application

SPA is a web-based application which works on JavaScript and is well recognized by users to create a good website. It is said to reduce the web development time and dedicate more performance while minimizing interruptions due to page reloading. This application can be used by developers who are not very much fond of HTML.

4.     Cryptocurrency

After the making of BitCoin, the cryptocurrency business has boomed all around the world. Blockchain Technology is an open ledger which has a secure design, and self solving database. It is designed to reduce transaction settlement frequency and generate more economy. It is one of the most trending web development preferred by the developers.

5.     Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are one of the most trending web development applications used by developers in 2019. These applications provide an opportunity for everyone to develop a website of their own. The web designing is regardless easier and can be learned in a day or two. It has built-in features which provide the templates to the users to choose for their websites. It is a trouble-free experience for the users, and no hard coding is required to use these developing apps.