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FrontPage® 98 Help  

   How to Publish to using Microsoft® FrontPage® 98

How to open your FrontPage web hosted with Web Spinners® for first use.

  1. Connect to the Internet

  2. Start FrontPage 98

  3. From the "Getting Started" Menu click [More Webs] button

  4. In the "Select or Specify Web Server Location" box type:
    http://www.YourDomainName.com   for the first 48 - 72 hours you'll need to use http://UserName.Web-Spinners.com
    and then click [List Webs] button.

  5. Select <Root Web> or Web you'd like to open and click [OK] button. If you have Microsoft networking installed you will be prompted for a user name and password. Enter the User Name and Password you requested upon setup/registration with us.

  6. Your web will now begin to open with you in your main folder looking at at least the default home page titled "Default.htm" and an IMAGES folder.

  7. From  FrontPage Explorer Tools Menu select "Web Settings". Under the "Configuration" tab enter a friendly name in place of  <ROOT WEB> .   Under the "Advanced" tab check the option box to "Show documents in hidden folders". Click [OK] button to close with changes and then Refresh Web when prompted. Until you do this you'll not be able to see any special files or folders that may be in your FrontPage web.

  8. Select Tools Menu from FrontPage Explorer and Click "Recalculate Hyperlinks", and click "YES" when prompted. Until this is completed initially some FrontPage components (BOTS) will not function or not function properly.

  9. You can import web files from your machine in a variety of methods including Drag and Drop between Windows Explorer and FrontPage Explorer to quickly get your files uploaded.

  10. Your home/root page in any folder should be default.htm. If this is not present the Server will look for index.htm, and then default.asp. If none of these exist it will return an error to Browsers as we have disabled directory "browsing/sniffing" for security reasons. If you need another name for your root pages such as "default.cfm" or "index.html" please let us know and we can make changes to precedence and additions.

To publish an existing FrontPage web to our Web Spinners FrontPage servers...

  1. Connect to the InterNet

  2. Open existing FrontPage web.

  3. From FrontPage Explorer FILE Menu select "Publish FrontPage Web"

  4. A Publish window should appear click the [More Webs]  button.

  5. In the "Please specify the location to which to publish your FrontPage web" drop-down box TYPE: http://www.YourDomainName.com

  6. Click [OK] button and then [OK] button on the Publish window to begin.

  7. You'll be prompted for your UserName and Password please enter it as you specified at setup with us.

  8. FrontPage will now begin publishing. You'll see 0 to 100% progress in the bottom left corner of the FrontPage Explorer window and the FrontPage Icon in the Top Right corner will stop spinning.

Using FrontPage based "Source Control"

From the FrontPage Explorer  window click Tools Menu and select "Web Wettings". In the Configuration tab's "Source Control Project" box TYPE:    <FrontPage-based Locking> 
then click [OK] button to apply changes.

You will now need to "Check-out" files to work on them and "Check-In"  files to unlock them so others can work on them. When opening a file you'll be prompted to "Check-Out" file.  After saving it right click on it from FrontPage Explorer and select "Check-In".

Pretty simple to effectively manage your site with multiple developers.


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