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Virtual Store 2000 ver. 9.0  

   Secure, Custom Virtual Store Web Applications.

Our Virtual Stores put the power of the web and your business in your own hands. No programming experience required! You maintain your store via the "Store Manager" with your Web Browser (Netscape 3+ or I.E. 4+ ) to keep an unlimited inventory available 24hrs per day. Your shoppers can view any item instantly with their favorite Web Browser (even AOL browsers), and shop securely 24hrs a day. Easily snap in our application to any existing ColdFusion server or use ours. 

Virtual Store 2000 (VS2000) Ver. 9.0 Features

  • User and Browser friendly 
    (4.0+ scripting support needed to maintain VS2000)
  • Fast loading, Great Looking store front 
    (you maintain look too!)
  • UNLIMITED Store Inventory 
    (just add more anytime!)
  • Automated updates to stock on hand
  • Unlimited Shopping Cart size 
    (shoppers can buy unlimited items)
  • Web browser "Store Manager" Interface
  • Instant Email Notification of Orders and receipts
  • VS2000.Net Secure Space for Checkout and Order retrieval
  • Banner Ad Manager
  • Store Contests and Quiz abilities
  • Enhanced Shipping and Tracking 
  • Referral Partner Commission Program
  • Wholesale and Retail access
  • Additional Store Layout Styles
  • Buyer's Club system
  • Promotional Item System
  • Additional Online Payment Processor Integration 
    (QuickCommerce, PayPal, IntelliPay, CyberCash, AuthorizeNet 3, Payment Processors, Manual/Terminal, or ADD YOUR OWN!!)
  • Web Site Building Tools inside Manager Console (Instant Home Page, with Link Page and more..)
  • Web Based EMAIL Interface for POP3 Servers
  • Plus More...

Only $2499.95

Additional Options can include:

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Accepting Real-Time purchases with:
Diners Club, Master Card, Discover, Amex, Visa
To learn more about the Integrated Payment Service 
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