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  Web Spinners can get your site in the top 10 search engines and in the top 10 listings with a few easy steps. We will submit your page or entire site to more than 900 search engines and web directories worldwide.

First prepare your web pages by making sure each one has meta-tags with keywords and description and a full title. Having text links on your pages to your main areas is imperative since most search engines' spiders only read text links! Avoid frames! If you must use frames create a Table-O-Contents page that is NOT a frameset or within one and make that your main page for the search engines submission. Do not place hundreds of keywords in your web page body even if visitors can't read it, you'll get banned from most search engines for SPAMMING. 

Once you are ready, fill out our form below to provide us the info we need and payment and we will quickly start listing your site. Most directories take four to six weeks to appear so don't wait until your site is finished! Schedule your site for auto-resubmit every 12 weeks to keep it in the first 10 listings and you'll never want for traffic again.

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  • IGS Corp
  • Pgh Local Music

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